Construction Project Software

How it works

The Construction Project Software is based on an Excel Spread Sheet. You need either Excel 97, Excel 2000 or greater to use it. The Construction Project Software creates an excel spread sheet that helps you to budget a project. If you have a new Kitchen Reno to do, just open it up by clicking on the Desktop icon. The Master List opens and contains a list of all the details of jobs that your company does. You can print this list off and take it with you to do a quote at your favorite coffee shop or restaurant.

Start Creating your Job

To start creating a new job, click on the New Job button. Click once on any job detail related to the new job your are about to do. This will turn the text of the job red to indicate that it has been selected. After you have selected all the jobs for that specific project, click on the Done Button.

Fine Tune the Job

A new excel sheet is created and the jobs that you selected are listed under the category sheet. A Total Row has been added which adds the total of column C through F. The New Line Button is used to enter a new row into the sheet for uncommon jobs not on the Master List. When you are ready, you would click on the Next Button.

Enter the Project Name


Enter the Project Name

Enter the title of the project and click Done when finished.

This title will appear at the top of the Excel file.

Save the File Name

Save the File Name


Enter the file name of the project and click Save. The Excel project is put in the "Projects" folder where it can be accessed after you completed its creation.

Ready to Go


After you save the job, the Add Invoice and Calculate buttons are enabled. This is because you have left the creation section and are now working with the new job. In this case, it is the Lewis Kitchen Renovation Project.



The Estimated Budget is the amount of money you and the client are expecting the job to cost. After one week, the first invoices are entered into Column E, THIS INVOICE.

The Calculate Button adds what is in Column E to Column F. You can print this to show a customer THIS INVOICE, what was PREVIOUSLY BILLED and the TOTAL TO DATE.

The Add Invoice Button is used to prepare the sheet for the next invoices by adding what is in Column E to Columns D and F, which leaves Column E open.



   Construction Project Software