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Website Starter Package!

Don't have a website? We are offering a webpage starter package for 600 dollars which includes 3 pages of content, hosting for a year and a domain name! Send me what you need and I will send you quote today!
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Are interested in blogging? You can get a Wordpress website for 1,500.00 which includes 6 pages, hosting for a year, a domain name and email service.
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If you have other web ideas you want to look into, I would be happy to send you a quote.

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Affordable Website Design

Are you looking for someone to develop a website? Cornerstone's Vancouver website design team offers professional and speedy service to put your message on the Internet.

Fantastic Work :
"My site not only looks great but took only a few days to make ."

We not only offer basic website design but can add databases to your site, registration forms and SSL security. We can create advanced websites that you won't find as a packaged software or create a site that interfaces with Accounting software.

What's involved in creating a Website?

The Domain Name

There are many different types of domains that you can get. A domain name like is part of the "ca" domain which means Canada. Here are some of the domain types:

  • .org - used for non-commercial organizations.
  • .com - used for commercial entities but it's unrestricted.
  • .info - informational sites but unrestricted.
  • .biz - used for businesses
  • .edu - educational organizations.
  • .pro - used for professional organizations like lawyers and doctors.
  • .net - used for network providers but unrestricted.

Here is an example of a domain:

Cornerstone made it easy :
"Our old website had a lot of the text and images we needed so very little input was needed from us."

Once you have decided the type of domain, you need to pick the domain name and find out if someone else already owns it. Lets say I want to go with the dot ( . ) com domain, now I need to pick a name that best describes the website - let's say "".

Cornerstone can get you the domain you want and set it up for you. We have the experience and know-how to set up your domain to send and receive email or host a website. It is important that you buy your own domain name or at least ensure that you are listed as the owner and billing contact. That way, you will be informed when the domain expires but more importantly you'll own the domain. If your Web designer buys your domain name and later you have a big problem with them, they will own the domain name and this could be a problem for you.

Great job Cornerstone! The site looks awesome... Your attention to all those little details made for a first class web site. Thanks again.

Website Design

What classification will your website be, Sport, Educational, Business, Personal? Once you know this it is recommended that you look at other websites in the same class and see what they have done. You can also look at any class of website to find color use, organization and style that you like and want to use for your site.

Here are some of the basic things that you'll need to create a web page.

1) A goal or plan of what you want and who your audience will be.

2) Pictures either of your staff, your office, your product, yourself, etc.

3) Text Information about your company, your product or your interests, etc.

Do contact us if you need a quote for a website or have any questions.

If you already have a Web page, check out our Web Hosting page.

ecommerce website

If you are planning to do business over the Internet, we can help.

Methods to collect payment over the Internet

You can use 128 or 40 bit encrypted digital certificates to handle credit card payments over the Internet. A digital certificate allows potential clients security in giving you there credit card information across the Internet. Of course you will need to have a VISA and MC merchant account at your place of business to process the payments. Buying a digital certificate can be costly but new companies are entering the market that offer digital certificates for as low as $99.00 US, compared to a 40 bit Verisign Certificate of $949.00 US.

Another method of collecting payments is through a service like Paypal. Paypal is used by e-bay and is a popular method of ecommerce over the Internet. They handle all the credit card transactions for you for a small fee. All you need to do is to set up an account with them and place their code on your website. Here are a few other companies who handle credit card transactions:
Cyber Source
Planet Payment

Shopping Carts

Adding a shopping cart to your website store front allows potential customers to see and read about the products that you have for sale. We can create a shopping cart specifically for your business or set up packaged shopping cart software from a third party. Here are a few links to packaged shopping cart software:

ecommerce templates

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